Athlete Aide

Creating business mindsets now for a great life after sport

Photo: Ethan Mcpherson ex British tennis player donning a Rock Jacket from his boutique collection


Athlete Aide is a design-led business consultancy with a primary focus on athlete welfare. We encourage & coach our clients to achieve entrepreneurial thinking now, to work towards a lucrative & diverse life after sport. Once you’ve experienced the innovation, creativity & organic care from our Athlete Aides, we fully expect you to leave us & fly solo with the new team we helped build around you! Creating confident self reliant athletes off the field is our goal!

Sports Agents

Agents should not see us as rivals as we know their role is vital. We’ll work in tandem with agents and talent management agencies to fill the gaps and make their clients bulletproof via design-led innovation.



We pitch concepts & projects to clients knowing that we have the tools & skills to execute them! We are proactive and driven by an ethical obligation to lay the foundations for your financial security now, so you can make that transition from sport to retirement effectively!

The Athlete Aide team has direct access to the innovators meaning we ideate, conceive, design, manufacture & launch new strategies & businesses with clients. We keep client identities confidential for strategic purposes.

Our values & USP

NO contracts or % fees!

NO Jr account managers!

NO private referral fees!

Unrivalled transparency!

Founders at your service!

Monthly pay as you go!



We work with athletes and coaching & support staff at football clubs. Our clients have a diverse set of needs & goals such as:

  • Starting a new business
  • Preparing for football management or coaching
  • Preparing for a career in business after retirement
  • Increasing self worth off the field & tackling loneliness!
  • Maximising the time spent off the field learning new skills
  • Building a strong team to manage your career as a micro economy
  • Increase personal welfare through innovation management & creativity

Our direct skills, unique experience and design-led innovation will help you achieve any of the above goals. You are the key and we simply show you which doors to unlock!

Trouble with:

Your online presence?

Utilising time during an injury?

Your team or colleagues?

Your close inner-circle?

Get in touch NOW!